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Adab kids CLASSICS RETOLD brings an attractive abridged version of great works for making it
accessible to young readers.

 An engaging style of writing and colorful illustration make this a solid choice for introducing  young readers to Imam Ghazzali.

A picture is worth a thousand words- goes a popular saying.Worldwide today, picture books are seen as an interesting new way of motivating young children to build a habit of reading books.Attracting even the most reluctant of readers, many subjects in the school curricula worldwide today are taught entirely through graphical lessons.The inborn attraction of a student towards such literature provides ample avenues for modern educational approaches towards moral studies.

Unfortunately though, Islamic children's literature is still an area where avenues for imparting moral values to children through cartoons and picture books has not yet been explored enough. It is this gap that Adab Kids intends to fill in.Our stories are intended to bring our younger generations closer to the great heritage and civilization of Islamic past and present and help them gain an interest in the moral values of Islamic teachings.

Meet the Luminaries series

- Meet the luminaries, Book1-Imam Ghazzali and the robbers of Khorasan

This is our first series of picture books that impart the values of Islamic teachings through  graphically illustrated stories. We introduce some of the greatest intellectuals of Islam through incidents that made profound impacts on their lives or those around them. The luminaries we've introduced here include Imam Ghazzali, Ibn Sina, Ibn Haytham, Imam Abu Hanifa , Hazrath  Nizamuddin and many others.

Adab classics retold